The year was 2001. After moving from Salt Lake City to South Davis, our family realized there were no drive-thru drink establishments in the area. This inspired us to start our own Beverage shop. After months of planning we found a location, located in Woods Cross (in the old K-Mart parking lot), built a shack, and called it Sips.


Sips specializes in making a —Hug-In-A-Cup — a drink made specifically for you! Being a local business, we have the benefits of building personal bonds with our customers. Not only do we know their preferred drink, we also call many of our customers “friends”. We are the charming, small-town experience you won’t get in a big city.


Since 2001, Sips has grown and moved to Bountiful, expanded our drink menu, and started offering treats and food items.  Many of our ingredients come from local businesses as we encourage everyone to “buy local.  We are currently creating new food menu items to compliment our sensational beverage experience.   Here at Sips there is always a drink and treat for everyone!  All of this at a lightning fast drive-thru pace sure to blow your mind.


We pride ourselves on creating a diverse and comfortable work place. It is an honor to serve our patrons and we hope to continue spreading our unique Sips experience everywhere we open a store! …… be continued in a town near you.